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Ever struggle with knowing what technology you need for your office? We have. It is hard to keep up with the constantly changing tech world and if you know anything about Moore’s Law things are not going to get any easier. In fact, it is only getting more difficult with time. That is the challenge with technology and that that is the challenge we are all trying to to keep on top of – the mountain of new information to digest to figure out what matters.

This is why is here. is a website dedicated to helping you understand what technology you require for your office, home office, and home. What is new, what matters and what does not matter. It is a site about exploring the options you have. We all need to know what is necessary, what is not necessary, and what is discretionary to make informed decisions. We also need to understand the value and the cost of technology, not to mention what productivity it can add.

But we are not just about the dry number crunching details. Not in the least.

The real reason we built this site is because technology is FUN. This is a site for people like us who see the fun side of new technology. A site for the type of individual who sees a new box of the latest tech just like they used to see a present under the Christmas tree when they were a kid. If that is the type of person you are, will resonate and hopefully, you will be frequent guest.

So, if you are interested in printers, scanners, computers, software, gadgets or whatever … you name it, we are your go-to-site. Stop by as we are constantly adding, updating, and revising our content to keep you informed and talk about the latest new gadgets. The kind of products that make our life easier (sometimes) and certainly more fun and interesting.

Thank you for checking us out.

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