Printer technology is still advancing rapidly. In these articles we highlight the best of it, pointing out where you can invest to get the highest quality printing results, whatever your needs.

printer for art prints

The Best Printer for Art Prints

Just like everything else, even art is becoming more and more digital every day. A lot of the creative process takes place on a computer, and graphic design for posters and other prints is a thriving art form. If you’re an artist or aspire to be one, you’ll need a good printer to go with …

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ink tank printer

The Best Ink Tank Printers

If you print a lot, whether for work or for a hobby, you’re probably sick of constantly buying ink cartridges. Ink cartridges can wind up costing you a decent sum of money pretty quickly, and they’re wasteful and bad for the environment. With an ink tank printer, the built-in refillable ink tank will save you …

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